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Meet Bahar Shams Amir
Founder, owner, and lead baker at Sunshine Spice Cafe

My Story

Bahar was born in Afghanistan and spent her early childhood there before moving to Iran and Turkey. In 2003, she came to the United States and attended High School. Following her graduation, she pursued her passion for cosmetology and obtained her certificate from a reputable cosmetology school. While Bahar initially aspired to become a filmmaker, creating impactful documentaries depicting the lives of Afghan women, her journey took a different turn. Undeterred by this shift, she conceived an alternative approach to aid single mothers in her homeland. Enrolling at Boise State University, Bahar pursued her studies in mass communication, with a specific focus on media production. Motivated by a deep desire to effect positive change, Bahar devised an innovative plan: establishing a cafe where she could serve delectable cuisine while channeling the profits to support women in need. Going a step further in her philanthropic endeavors, she launched her own brand, Sunshine Spice Saffron Tea, directly sourcing this aromatic spice from underprivileged farmers in Afghanistan. At Sunshine Spice Cafe, Bahar expertly blends this exceptional saffron tea, delighting the palates of her discerning clientele. With unwavering dedication and determination, Bahar transformed her vision into a tangible reality when Sunshine Spice Cafe opened its doors to patrons on December 12, 2019. Inspired by the impact she has already achieved, Bahar is now poised to open more locations and plans to create a chain of cafes across the United States. By expanding her business, she hopes to extend her empowering efforts to an even larger group of women, both in Afghanistan and beyond.


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