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Meet Narges Shams
Kitchen Manager at Sunshine Spice Cafe

My Story

Narges Shams (Number 3 sister) was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. She began drawing as a child in Iran and Turkey after her family fled Afghanistan. The family immigrated to the United States in 2003, where she started seventh grade without knowing how to read, write or speak English. Even with the language difficulties in school, Narges did not give up on her passion for art. She started taking art classes in middle school, and continued through high school and college. She found her passion in ceramics and painting with acrylics on canvas as well as graphic design. Narges loves painting landscapes and animals, especially horses and pets. She has created many commissioned pet portraits for friends and clients. She also enjoys still-life painting. She is currently double-majoring in visual arts and graphic design at Boise State University. Due to Covid-19, her education is paused, but as soon as everything goes back to normal, she will complete her degrees in both majors. In the meantime, Narges is one of the four owners/sisters who run Sunshine Spice Cafe. Narges has a passion for cooking, and she is the person who cooks and prepares every item in the breakfast and lunch menus. She also assists with baking, serving customers, taking orders, and many of the other day-to-day duties in the cafe. Stop by and say hello or see some of her art that is displayed in the cafe. Photo by Katilyn Turner Photography


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