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Meet Homeyra Shams
Front of House Manager at Sunshine Spice Cafe

My Story

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Homeyra's life story weaves resilience and determination into a remarkable journey. Her early years were shaped by the impact of war, leading her to spend her formative time in Iran and Turkey. The year 2003 marked a significant chapter as Homeyra and her family embarked on a journey of immigration, seeking a new beginning in the United States. Arriving in an unfamiliar land, Homeyra faced an extraordinary challenge: she commenced her formal education in the 6th grade with no prior knowledge of English. Undeterred by this hurdle, she embraced the opportunity with determination, ultimately flourishing in her new environment. In 2017, she proudly graduated from Boise State University, holding a B.S. in Criminal Justice and a B.A. in Visual Arts, where her focus lay in drawing and painting. While her initial aspirations leaned towards becoming a criminal lawyer to support her passion for art, Homeyra's journey took an unexpected turn. Embracing change, she embarked on a new path, becoming a cafe owner alongside her sisters. This unique direction allowed her to blend entrepreneurship with her innate creativity. Art remains a central theme in Homeyra's life, with her creations adorning the walls of Sunshine Spice Cafe, including a distinctive mural that stands as a testament to her passion. Her artistic endeavors encompass various paintings, art pieces, and jewelry. While oil on canvas is her primary medium, she also finds joy in crafting sculptures from copper, brass, and silver. This affinity for metalsmithing is a legacy from her father, a car mechanic who worked with similar materials. At Sunshine Spice Cafe, Homeyra's role encompasses diverse responsibilities. She adeptly manages paperwork, payroll, AP, and inventory, all while curating local art displays and overseeing the front-of-house operations. As a versatile presence, she also serves as a barista and cashier, providing valuable support in the kitchen alongside her three sisters. Additionally, her creativity extends to crafting earrings and necklaces for sale at the cafe. Beyond her entrepreneurial and creative pursuits, Homeyra's altruism shines. She dedicates her free time to teaching art to newly arrived refugees, using the therapeutic power of creativity to inspire and uplift. Her generosity also extends to teaching art classes at the Watershed. Adding another layer to her impactful journey, Homeyra engages in giving inspirational speeches in public and private schools, sharing her story and motivating others. Her multifaceted approach to life and the arts is a beacon of inspiration. For updates on Homeyra's artistic endeavors and journey, you can follow her at


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